About Us

IOB is about warmth

  • Founded in Gaithersburg, Maryland USA.

  • IOB focuses on forced-air warming system and other innovation products since 2012. 

  • With great passions on innovation, IOB is committed to manufacturing/developing creative, safe, and easy to use medical devices.

  • IOB forced-air warming systems are already in market in over 56 countries.



Independent reps in USA

  • We are looking for someone has experience with medical device, who is interested in forced-air warming system. 

  • Manage area distributor relationships.

  • Develop new distributor who has good connection with IDN and GPO.

Sales Engineer in Europe 

  • We are looking for a sales engineer in Europe. Relative experience of medical device is required. 

  • With good skills of communication, sales engineer need to provide pre and post-sales support to our distributors and hospitals in Europe.